Collection: Valrhona

A premium French chocolate brand with 100 years of history. A wide rage of cocoa levels available to cater your liking. Ideal for pastry chefs, chocolatiers and chocolate lovers. Order now and experience the difference.

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Valrhona Chocolate is a premium chocolate brand originating from France. Founded in 1922, the Valrhona company has been supplying chocolate to artisans, chocolatiers, and pastry chefs for more than 100 years.

Le Yeahllow, as a cake artisan and pastry expert highly recommend Valrhona chocolate for baking or personal consumption. Valrhona’s taste and texture are perfect for baking, lending a smooth, high-end finish to your dessert. Enjoying the chocolate bars on their own provides an extraordinary sensory experience, as well.

In our collection, you can find many types of Valrhona chocolate such as Dulcey, Jivara, Guanaja, Abinao, and many more. Each of these chocolates contains a different cacao percentage. The higher the percentage, the more chocolatey the chocolate tastes.

What sets Valrhona chocolate apart from others?

The rich, smooth, and chocolatey taste of Valrhona chocolate gives a special kind of indulgence rarely found anywhere else. Moreover, every variation of Valrhona chocolate is sourced from different types of beans which emit unique flavours and aftertaste.

To enhance the chocolate experience, the Valrhona brand sourced its chocolate from all over the world. Each region’s different climates and refinement process affects how the chocolate tastes. Therefore, Valrhona chocolates can taste fruity, nutty, or milky with a hint of delightful sourness.

Furthermore, Valrhona makes sure that each stage of chocolate production is handled by professionals in their field. During the taste development process, Valrhona’s chefs ensure that the chocolate taste is enhanced while other ingredients like sugar or butter will not overpower.

Valrhona also enforces sustainable practices during its chocolate production, earning a B Corporation certificate. B Corporate certificate indicates that Valrhona made an impact in conserving the environment and enforcing fairness in the field. These values align with what Le Yeahllow believes, rating Valrhona chocolate higher in our standards.

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