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The Great Harvest

The Great Harvest

Golden Osmanthurs, Mung Bean, Black Sesame
  • Alcohol Free
  • Halal
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Product Description

“One of our proudest creation.”

This Mid Autumn Festival we envisioned a cake that would not only delight the palate but also pay homage to the ancient traditions of this special season. Thus, 'The Great Harvest' was conceived, a cake that embodies the essence of this festive occasion.

The design inspiration flowed from the very concept of a 'great harvest.' It drew us to the picturesque landscapes of golden cornfields, where the fruits of hard work glisten under the sun. With this imagery in mind, we knew that the cake's colour had to be as radiant as those bountiful fields. Thus, 'The Great Harvest' gleams with a splendid golden hue, symbolizing the prosperity and abundance of this festival.

Flavour, too, played a crucial role in this creation. Osmanthus, Mung Bean and Black Sesame were chosen not only for their exquisite tastes but also for their rich cultural significance. These flavours are reminiscent of the traditional ingredients that have graced the tables of Mid Autumn Festival feasts for centuries.

As we carefully blended these flavours into our cake, we could almost hear the laughter of families coming together, sharing stories of the year's toil and triumphs.

'The Great Harvest' is not just a cake; it's a tribute to tradition, a celebration of reunion and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Mid Autumn Festival. We invite you to savor this cake where the warmth of family and the beauty of harvest come together in a single, delicious slice.

Ingredients: Golden Osmanthurs Glaze, Mung Bean Mousse, Black Sesame Praline Crispy, Almond Joconde. 

Contains: Nuts (Almond, Mung Bean, Black Sesame), Egg, Dairy, Gluten, Gelatin.

Dietary Preferences: Alcohol Free, Halal.

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